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Parameters & Path Planning

With Caracol’s path planning software users can easily optimize path planning, working with complex tool paths - including non-planar slicing or printing at an angle (e.g., 45°), and have the maximum control on complex geometries, with an extremely user-friendly interface and advanced features.

Eidos digital tools

Automation & Control

Caracol’s custom-made Automation and Control panel allows you to seamlessly manage all key elements of Heron AM platform, through a pad that collects and integrates all the inputs coming from the system’s elements. You can set up and control parameters while the machine is running, ensuring production-continuity.

Automation & Control Caracol
IoT Caracol

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IoT platform

This solution detects, notifies and automatically corrects defects that occur during production, to mitigate derived non-conformities and waste. Continuously monitoring of the process variables, machine status, and working environment conditions enhances your 3D printing stability, repeatability, and efficiency.