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We started collaborating with Maire Tecnimont to enable them to progress towards more sustainable production methods and future. Using the recovered plastic waste coming from their MyReplast Industries plants, we characterized for them a special material blend for the 3D printing of many different applications.

A solution that is not only sustainable for the environment but also leads to much cheaper solutions when manufacturing custom, one-single components for their offices. This blend of recycled plastic pellets is directly transformed into filament by our proprietary robotic 3D Printing technology, allowing us to manufacture many different furnishing pieces for their offices, as well as other applications.

For Maire Tecnimont’s “Beyond Digital” event, we designed and printed a custom and personalized desk, which served as a welcome station for the attendees: the desk featured a 3D printed relief of Maire Tecnimont’s company logo, and was manufactured using the recycled plastic pellets from Maire Tecnimont’s MyReplast Industries Plant.

02 Upcycling - Maire Tecnimont

02 Upcycling – Maire Tecnimont

03 Upcycling - Maire Tecnimont

03 Upcycling – Maire Tecnimont

Another application of this custom material can be found in the company’s HQ’s entrance in Milano, for which we designed and printed a custom booth for their security team. The booth is manufactured with our proprietary robotic system, allowing the manufacturing of such large-scale installation.

Also, we used this same material in the production of modular furnishing pieces to provide a simple way to ensure safety measures in the opening of the Maire Tecnimont’s offices after the lockdown caused by the Covid-19 emergency. These modules enabled Maire Tecnimont to indicate safe pathways inside their HQ and can be easily arranged according to need, patterns, and signage can be easily reproduced, customized, and extended to spaces where necessary.

Our technology goes beyond the limits of traditional 3D printing to provide clients with customized pieces, large-size prints, high-performing products, and the opportunity to successfully pursue circular economy. These custom furnishing we 3D printed for Maire Tecnimont embody all of these aspects allowing for significant savings in costs, and raw materials and giving waste a second life.

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