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The automotive sector is always looking for more resistant, light, and reliable components, capable of stepping up the performance of their vehicles. This is especially true when it comes to racing cars.

We decided to apply our deep knowledge in technology and manufacturing to bring innovation to this sector and tangibly demonstrate how 3D printing can be a game-changer in the productive process.

To do so, we worked on a spoiler for racing cars of one of the leading car manufacturers.

We re-designed the rear wing, optimizing it for additive manufacturing: we combined our technologies which can print on large scales with the most performing technopolymers reinforced with carbon fiber, to create a customized and innovative solution.

This printed piece was then post-processed with an autoclave lamination process, to further strengthen its resistance and ensure its compliance with the highest automotive standards.

We manufactured the spoiler using PA12 Carbon, a polymer that can resist up to 240°C: it took us only 72 hours to complete the piece, from printing to lamination, saving a great amount of time compared to the month-long process required by traditional manufacturing.

Moreover, the resulting spoiler is lighter than the original by almost 1kg, greatly improving performance.

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