Placing users at the center, we deliver integrated turnkey solutions leveraging Additive Manufacturing, to simplify processes, provide flexibility, efficiency, sustainability, and enable customers’ production continuity.

From the first prototypes built, today Caracol LFAM technology is adopted globally, to produce advanced components in high-performing industrial sectors spanning from aerospace and automotive to architecture and design, marine, railway and more.

Our team of unique, talented individuals keeps growing and disrupting the future of industrial production. Every day we continuously strive to innovate and evolve production, looking for more cost-effective, faster and environmentally better manufacturing solutions.


We develop and provide technological solutions to enable manufacturing companies’ ability to produce advanced large scale industrial applications more efficiently and sustainably.


We want to lead the future of manufacturing toward a new paradigm of flexibility, efficiency, and sustainability.

Caracol Caracol Jobs

Caracol jobs

Be part of our manufacturing revolution

We’re a driven team of passionate and diverse professionals, the key of Caracol success. Our people come and think together, becoming propulsive enablers and visionary leaders who act consciously to create the future of additive manufacturing.

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Our values define us by driving all we do.

  • Customer - Centricity

    Our work aims to enable clients to achieve what they couldn’t before, improving how they do things, making their lives easier. We are a supporting partner, honest, reliable, available, always ready to take a step back, listen and provide solutions.

  • Responsibility

    We are accountable for the impact we have on our ecosystem, consciously aware of how our actions affect who and what surrounds us. We want to be active leaders of a more sustainable future for the world of manufacturing, improving ourselves daily and guiding clients to better solutions.

  • Progressiveness

    We were born from the idea of changing norms, we are pioneers, we are doers. For us it is imperative that we continue transforming, adapting, innovating, and leading a new way of making things in a better way.

  • Openness

    We are always on the lookout for what is different, treasuring the uniqueness of who we meet, with humility we listen, never presuming we know the answer, and embrace how diverse opinions lead to more value for all.

  • Courage

    There are no bounds for our goals and vision. We are fierce and enthusiastic about the possibilities ahead, boldly diving headfirst, and steadfastly walking on the unpaved path, leading the way for our customers to head into their futures.

Actively conscious future

We always think about how our actions impact the planet and people.

Our aim is not only to achieve carbon neutrality ourselves but to positive impact, supporting clients in achieving their ambitious sustainability goals.

Caracol Actively Conscious Future

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