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Finding the best technology for your needs

Effectively implementing 3D printing technologies in production means identifying the solution that best fits your needs. There are several additive manufacturing types of processes that enable users to achieve varied results from extreme precision to speed or cost efficiency.

We are glad to work with you to share the know-how our team has developed in decades of working the world of additive manufacturing. From SLA with resins, to FDM with filament, to DMLS with powder, moving on to our core expertise on large scale production with pellets with FGF and metal wire welding with WAAM – we are glad to enable you to truly leverage the benefits of 3D printing.

Heron AM

Composite 3D Printing

Heron AM

The turnkey LFAM platform to print parts in composite with no scale or shape limits. The hardware-software robotic system works on 6+ axes, modularly set to satisfy specific production needs.

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