HA 3D printing head

High Accuracy

Lightweight, compact head for agile and detailed printing. The ideal solution for finished parts across industries, especially as design, furniture, arts and entertainment.

High Versatility

A flexible solution for varying needs, this printing head covers a broad range of applications: from advanced end-use parts to design and architectural structures – achieving both details and high throughput.

HV 3D printing head
HF 3D printing head

High Flow

A robust extruder, with a high throughput to guarantee best efficiency and printing quality. It’s the best solution for large tools, molds and construction applications, as well as boat hulls and large structures.

Full control on your production

Caracol’s extruders are offered with several systems that ensure productivity and efficiency of the machine. This includes automatic feedstock of material with the drying and feeding systems, layer cooling unit, anti-collision system, as well as control on all aspects such as temperature, melt flow and extrusion speed.

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One control, many solutions

For its industrial line extruders Caracol has developed an Automation and Control unit to achieve precise control and high flexibility. Manage both High Flexibility and High Flow extruders interchangeably, adapting your Heron AM platform to different applications. The extruders and process parameters can be managed seamlessly with a user-friendly HMI for quick side-machine operations. The centralized Control Unit is suitable for the use of multiple end-effectors through a plug-and-play logic.

Additive Manufacturing Industries

Cutting-edge 3D printed applications

Many industries are adopting Caracol’s large format additive manufacturing technologies. See what can be printed with our extruders, to enhance your production efficiency and sustainability.

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