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Over 250 generous individuals donated to our campaign and showed their support to our 3D printed mask project, in response to the COVID-19 emergency.

We were left incredibly humbled by everyone’s generosity in such a difficult time and feel proud to have such a strong community.

The project was developed as we noted the shortage in protective equipment gear in our country and wanted to contribute with our know-how and production capacity. The support provided by donors was essential for us to have the resources to cover costs and make the possibility of donating masks a reality.

The steps that led to finalizing our masks included the kind participation of a network of doctors, policemen, civil protection operators, and companies who tested them. Words are certainly not enough to express our gratitude to them for dedicating some of their extremely valuable time to our project. Their precious feedback helped us tailor our solution to the different needs of their professional lives and personal feedbacks.

MAIN 3d printed masks donated to institutions across italy

3d printed masks donated to institutions across italy

From the north to the south of Italy, we began donating the protective mask kits produced thanks to the incredible support of our community.

We’ve decided to donate to a variety of entities and institutions. Starting with smaller municipalities, those who’ve had a harder time accessing national and regional protective equipment supplies. For example, our home town Lomazzo and Cusano Milanino, both towns close to Milan – the epicenter of the Italian fight against COVID-19; the municipality of Rivoli, next to Torino, the second city with the highest number of cases; and Sorrento in the south, a town adjacent to Naples.

We’ve donated a large number of kits to the Italian Red Cross, whose work in handling the crisis and working on the frontlines has been fundamental in saving many lives. And we’ll be donating to smaller institutions and entities like a therapeutic and rehabilitation center who have a hard time purchasing quality masks given the shortage.

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