AUSTIN / MILAN, June 25th, 2024Caracol, leader in robotic large format additive manufacturing, has brought robotic LFAM to California for RAPID + TCT, has joined forces with its partners Filament Innovations, leading US company in pellet printers, and DIVE, company spearheading the use of AM in US, from design and engineering to production.

The three companies are coming together to deliver robotic LFAM to the North American market. Through both DIVE’s facility in New Jersey and Filament Innovation’s facility in Pennsylvania, companies looking to build large scale parts will be able to directly enjoy the capabilities of the range of Caracol’s Heron AM technology line, accessing a new way to develop and manufacture their advanced applications.

As Caracol continues building its global network of companies leveraging Heron AM for production, it is excited to be able to work with some of the leading brands in the world of 3D printing. Working alongside companies that share its approach to delivering solutions will enable the industrial players globally to leverage the benefits of manufacturing with large format 3D printing and effectively implement it as an industrial solution to integrate their production workflows.

At RAPID + TCT 2024, taking place on June 25-27th at Los Angeles Convention Center, in California (USA), the three companies will be showcasing the potential of large-scale pellet printing at booth 2201. Specifically, DIVE’s newly acquired Caracol Heron AM platform will be live printing with Airtech’s Dahltram® T-100GF (recycled PETG with glass fiber) a part designed and engineered for robotic LFAM by DIVE’s team, the finished part is an air scoop for jet boats, within the motorsport industry, showcasing how you achieve complex designs and advanced functional parts avoiding costly molds and tools thanks to this technology. Filament Innovations will also showcase one of its ICARUS pellet extrusion machines working live at Caracol’s booth.

Furthermore, Caracol will be showcasing several of the applications it has unlocked for large scale 3D printing ranging from tooling for aerospace to mockups for automotive, as well as finished parts for architecture, construction, design and furniture.

RAPID + TCT 2024 takes place on June 25-27th at Los Angeles Convention Center, visitors can find Caracol on booth 2201.

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