Caracol and Vertical Print GmbH join forces to deliver Large Format Additive Manufacturing to DACH markets.

[26 April • 2024] – Caracol and Vertical Print are delighted to announce their partnership to deliver large scale robotic 3D printing solutions to Switzerland, Germany, and Austria.

Vertical Print has chosen to include Caracol’s Heron AM platform within its range of technological solutions, to extend its 3D printing services to composite Large Format Additive Manufacturing for advanced industries. “We were looking for a reliable and flexible partner to deliver the benefits of 3D printing to large and functional parts’ production. Choosing among the most advanced large-scale 3D printing technologies, we’ve decided to partner with Caracol to address the most specific needs of advanced industries such as aerospace, automotive, railway, marine, energy, design & architecture. Not only does Caracol have the best technology on the market and offer a turnkey solution, they also have the right mindset and profound experience in their field, which is a crucial point for us.” says Sebastian Huonder, Managing Director at Vertical Print Additive Solutions

Caracol has partnered with Vertical Print for the DACH region, as the company has a 360° approach to providing 3D printing solutions to companies in advanced industries – from Automotive, to Aerospace, Energy, and more. The company believes that only by working with strong local partners it will be possible to introduce new, disruptive, technologies like Heron AM and robotic LFAM within consolidated manufacturing supply chains and processes. “We are excited to work with Vertical Print in Switzerland, Germany and Austria,” says Riccardo Nicastro, CCO of Caracol. “In markets that are leaders for manufacturing in certain sectors, we believe having a strong partner will help us deliver great results with large format 3D printing, and ultimately provide efficiency and sustainability to the manufacturing processes of customers working in advanced sectors. Vertical Print’s lengthy experience in delivering solutions to local players in different industries as well as the service-first approach – that we both share – are key driving forces to bring value to new users looking to introduce robotic LFAM.”

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