Texas 3D printing firm takes new strides in Large Format Additive Manufacturing

[09 May • 2024] – Impac Systems Engineering (ISE) is excited to partner with Caracol AM, reaching the North American market as they continue developing their involvement in advanced Large Format Additive Manufacturing (LFAM) to now offer large scale robotic 3D printing solutions.

The proprietary platform, Heron AM, boasts a large modular – polymer and composite pellet extrusion – robotic 3D printer that has been rigorously designed for complex industrial applications. This hardware, in cohesion with Caracol’s integrated software Eidos Manufacturing, provides powerful solutions to ever changing industrial sectors.

“Caracol has achieved a breakthrough in 3D Printing speed and size with their technology. We are excited to bring this unique solution for printing sizes well beyond one meter cubed at tremendous extrusion rates while using low-cost polymer in pellet form.”, says Scot Andrews, P.E., P.Eng., Owner & Professional Engineer of Impac Systems Engineering.

“Caracol is excited to be partnering with Impac Systems for reselling Heron AM.”, says Tim Ruffner, Business Development Director of NAFTA at Caracol. “Thanks to their broad portfolio and engineering experience the company has in the additive world we believe they’ll be a great asset to strengthen our local presence in the country and deliver LFAM to many new industrial companies.”

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Born from the idea of pushing the limits of 3d printing beyond what was possible, Caracol offers Large Format Additive Manufacturing solutions for advanced industries.

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