Caracol and Basaran Technology partnering to deliver Large Format Additive Manufacturing to Turkey

[19 March • 2024] – Caracol and Basaran Technology are excited to announce their partnership, which aims to deliver large scale robotic 3D printing to Turkey.

Basaran Technology has chosen to include Caracol’s Heron AM platform within its range of technological solutions, with the aim of expanding its capabilities on complex, large-scale parts. “We lacked offering solutions for large and functional parts which are ready to be an end use parts especially on tooling, marine and furniture industry. We have accompolished many projects for large AM parts as a service bureau but with lots of efforts (joining small parts together or multi milling) and with less functionality,” says Alper Tokkuş, Additive Manufacturing Sales Engineer at Basaran Technology. “Also, we have found that many industries are trying to adopt AM technology but could not define the right path for themselves. So, we have decided to add a solution for Large Format Additive Manufacturing system to offer both system and service afterwards which offers several advantages over traditional manufacturing methods and make it attractive for various industries.”

The choice of partnering with Caracol, global leader in large format additive manufacturing solutions, was especially based on the company’s comprehensive value proposition. According to Alper Tokkuş, “We approached Caracol and found the company ready to take off with their well-prepared Professional organization and experience. They are not only serving the technology (robot, extruder, software) but also offering their lots of experience with different industries which makes the LFAM technology more valuable.”

Caracol has chosen to partner with Basaran Technology due to their lengthy experience in using AM and other leading technologies to support companies in several industrial manufacturing sectors – from Automotive, to Aerospace, Energy, and more. The company believes that only by working with strong local partners it will be possible to introduce new, disruptive, technologies like Heron AM and robotic LFAM within consolidated manufacturing supply chains and processes. “Our team is thrilled to begin collaborating with a leading company like Basaran Tech in Turkey,” says Francesco De Stefano, CEO of Caracol. “Turkey is globally a leader in several sectors, such as production of transportation and motor vehicles, where we believe there would be a lot of value in delivering greater efficiency and sustainability with large format 3D printing. Thanks to the lengthy experience developed in delivering solutions to local players in different industries, and the cultural understanding that Basaran Tech has of the Turkish manufacturing landscale, we feel we will be able to deliver a lot of value to new users looking to introduce robotic LFAM.”

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