Skin & Bones

Year: 2018

Material: Recycled PLA

Industry: Design&Architecture

Skin&Bones is a furniture collection, produced through robotic 3D printing. The Skin&Bones chairs espose their structural elements, integrating them in a contemporary aesthetic. Inspired by the techniques of yacht design, the material becomes both the structural element of the object as well as its superficial aesthetics.

The unique layered texture is create by the printing process of the robot that extrudes the plastics to create the object: the plastic pellets are manually mixed in different colors, making every piece one of its kind. Moreover, Skin&Bones is made of raw PLA, a recyclable biopolymer, which makes the furniture 100% sustainable.


Via del Seprio, 42, 22074 Lomazzo (CO), Italy
415 Madison Avenue, 4th Floor, 10017, New York, N.Y., USA
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