Our technologies allow to span from high precision to big dimensions:

FDM technology robot

Proprietary Additive Manufacturing Robotic System

3D printing machine

FDM Industrial Printers for Production

Additive Manufacturing Robotic System

Scalprum extruder

We developed Scalprum 13800, a proprietary advanced Additive Manufacturing Robotic System, in collaboration with Inventio.

This robotic system allows us to overcome large scale, complex geometries and advanced materials limits of traditional 3D printing.

Advantages vs existing technologies

Significant raw materials cost savings

directly transforms pellets into filaments.

Drastic reduction in production time

the patented extruder deposits 10x the material vs other 3D Printers.

High precision, material compactness and resilience

thanks to the great adherence of the layers. 

Print large scale components and complex geometries

thanks to the 6 axes technology and free-form scilicing possibilities.


developed with KUKA robotics technology, but applicable to every robotic support with +15 Kg payload.

3D printing robotic arm

The features that allow our robot to provide those advantages:

01-Cella DEF

Integrated robotic cell with auxiliary systems

such as Fume extraction, Insulated walls, Temperature Control and dehumidification system



for printing of blends of high performing polymers (e.g. PEEK) and fibers (e.g. Carbon fiber)


+6 axis robotic cell industrial technology

for printing of large scale and complex geometries industrial components


Proprietary interface and control system software

enables automation of full cell, user friendly experience and easy management of complex functionalities

FDM Industrial Printers for Production

Man using FDM technology for production

FDM technology is the only 3D printing technology that allows for the production of parts with incomparable mechanical, thermal and chemical properties.

FDM technology builds parts layer by layer, from the bottom up, by heating and extruding the thermoplastic filament.

This allows for the production of objects with complex geometries, built with extreme accuracy and precision. When needed, soluble supports ensure complex details are obtained, with a tolerance of 0.025 mm.  

What are the advantages of FDM Printers

FDM Technology, 3D printing

Technical Properties

Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM) works through material extrusion.
An object is built by selectively depositing melted material, in a predetermined path, layer-by-layer. The materials used are thermoplastic polymers.

FDM Technology in use

State of art industrial printers

We chose FDM Technology because of the wide range of high performance materials it works with, the possibility to work with continuous fibers and the possibility to easily scale up the production capacity.



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