Caracol RM Forum 2020 – Additive Manufacturing in Italy

Caracol RM Forum 2020 – Additive Manufacturing in Italy

Caracol decided took part in RM Forum 2020, an event dedicated to Additive Manufacturing on both a national and international level. It focused on the role Additive technologies now play within a variety of industrial sectors. Key speakers from the Automotive and Motorsports, Aerospace and Defense, and Medical Devices industries took part.

It was great to get the chance to network with other companies that are advancing this technology and exchange ideas on the future of our industry.

We were glad to share some of our work at Caracol in RM Forum 2020. How we are extending this technology’s boundaries to a larger scale, complex geometries, and advanced materials. All of the pieces we exhibited, including our installation, were 3D printed. With the over 30 industrial printers we have in our production center in Lomazzo, we can process a variety of advanced materials. We exhibited pieces in PEEK, PPS Carbon, PA12 Carbon, and TPU. We also presented some of the work manufactured with our proprietary robotic technology, such as the Luxury Car Spoiler, our 3D table and chairs, and the graphic design of our stand.

The event was organized within Museo Storico Alfa Romeo, in Arese, Italy. This location exemplifies Italy’s key role within the industrial and engineering world. It ties in together the great work of industrial sectors with the enabling manufacturing technologies. Over the next few years, Additive Manufacturing’s advancements will further disrupt traditional production techniques. This is especially true as the innovations continue demonstrating they can be a more efficient and sustainable method for companies.

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